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The Lord’s work here at WVBS has been blessed by being able to send out to the world over 10 million programs since 1986! It is estimated that around 20 to 30 million souls have viewed these programs throughout the years.  
The Lord’s work here at WVBS has been blessed by being able to send out to the world over 10 million programs through videotapes, DVDs, CDs, USBs, books, and online videos. It is estimated that around 20 to 30 million souls have viewed these programs throughout the years. To the Lord be the glory for this great work! We here at WVBS are always thankful to work with the wonderful teachers and supporters who labor through the Lord’s providence to make these efforts available for the kingdom.
Bible Land Passages now with 10 Lessons on 1 DVD!

2-3 DVDs: $10.00 each
4+ DVDs: $8.00 each
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New Program for Ladies
Cherie Vestal
Christian women fill many roles. As multi-taskers we shine, teach, work and train. With so many responsibilities, sometimes the relationship with our husband goes a little neglected. In these two sessions there is opportunity to review that relationship and to renew attention to it. Beyond the basic principles, these segments will refresh and enhance in big and little ways our God-designed role in marriage.
Regular Price: $14.00
Sale: $10.00
10+ for $5.00/each
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Biblical Teaching Posters
1. Modern Churches Timeline
2. Where Do We Go When We Die?
3. Biblical Ages
4. The Gospel Enacted (Baptism)
5. The Church
6. The Ten Commandments
7. The Book of Daniel & God's Kingdom
Buy One Set of 7 Posters at $28.00 and Get a Second Set FREE!
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Evangelism Technologies Series
Evangelism Technologies is a group of three individual courses designed to focus on complementary methods on how Christians can use technology to reach the lost with the message of the Gospel. These courses are taught by Michael Hite, a former graphic designer and marketing communications professional, who now teaches full-time at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver.
DVD Regular Price: $12.00  Permission Evangelism
DVD Regular Price: $12.00  Building More Effective Church Websites
3 DVDs Regular Price: $36.00  Creating Effective Presentations
Total Value: $60.00
SALE! Get Full Series for $35.00
Glenn Colley MP3 Sale
These two amazing stories by Glenn Colley make a great way to pass your time when driving in the car or at home. They are available to download online or on MP3 discs. 
Each MP3 is 1.5 hours long.
Regular Price: $8.00 each
Sale for Both: $10.00
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The Truth About...Moral Issues
Print Book of the Month By Don Blackwell
This beautiful, 132-page, full-color book by Don Blackwell makes a wonderful teaching tool and gift for anyone who would like to study these subjects: Tattoos; Gambling; Drinking; Dancing; Lying; Modesty; Pornography; Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage; and What Must I Do To Be Saved These are subjects that every person needs to study in order to understand how each aspect can impact their lives spiritually and physically.
Single Copy Regular Price: $9.95 each Sale Price: $7.95 each
Case of 20 Books: $4.95 per copy
Super Sale! Case of 40 Books: $3.95 per copy (FedEx Shipping)
e-Book (various formats): $0.99 each
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The Great Almost 50% Off Sale
Reg: $48.00 Sale: $24.00
Reg: $14.00 Sale: $8.00
Reg: $60.00 Sale: $35.00
Reg: $24.00 Sale: $12.00
Reg:$12.00 Sale: $8.00 
Reg: $48.00 Sale: $24.00
Reg: $12.00 Sale: $8.00
DVD Set - Sale Price: $54.00 
Reg. Price: $108.00
Notebook - Sale Price: $13.75
Reg. Price: $8.00
DVD & Notebook Combo: $62.00
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By the grace of God, in January 2018, this most-important question had been viewed online over one million times. It is also viewed regularly on the Gospel Broadcasting Network, Amazon, and Roku. In addition, this program has been sent out on DVD over ten thousand times, and has been translated from English into American Sign Language, Chinese, Telugu, and Swahili. In these languages, it has been viewed many thousands of times more.
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What's New at the
WVBS Online School?
It is amazing that, since the school began, over 25,000 students have enrolled and continue to enroll at a rate of over 140 students each and every week. These students come from 160 nations of the world. To God be the glory!
What's New at the
Online Chinese Bible School?
While the director, William Chen, continues to prepare and record material for the online school, the viewing of the material that is already available online is over 500 TIMES PER DAY around the world. Thanks be to the Lord for this work!
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