Sermons by Kyle Butt DVD

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Motivational sermons. Speaker is Kyle Butt and includes 2 sermons on 1 DVD.

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Sermons Include:

"A Life of Action" (30-min sermon)
It is troubling to hear of situations where wrongdoing occurs and bystanders fail to do anything to help, especially when it involves the well-being of another person. Sadly, a "do nothing" mentality is often embraced by society as being politically correct and socially acceptable, even when considering Christianity.  In this video, Kyle Butt challenges those who understand Christianity as a list of things that should not be done by calling to attention our true purpose as followers of Christ: seeking to glorify God by uising our talents and resources in proactively meeting the needs of others and engaging in good works, according to His will.

"Receiving Correction" (30-min sermon)
What happens when we are corrected? When we have been shown that our actions are wrong? In this video, Kyle Butt discusses an essential attribute a person must possess in order to achieve life in heaven: a proper attitude and reception of correction.  Kyle presents a very simple and direct lesson on the importance of receiving correction, as emphasized by the Lord in the wisdom literature of Scripture. He highlights three ways that correction can be received and offers reasons why corrective discipline is not received very well by some.