Sermons by Burt Jones Vol. 2 DVD

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Additional sermons addressing the challenges of the modern day Christian. Speaker is Burt Jones and includes 4 sermons on 1 DVD.

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Sermons Include:

Have you been guilty of substituting excuses for reasons? Consider the implications of living a life filled with excuses and the eternal consequences. 24 min.
BURDENS Burdens! We all have them. How do we handle them? Can we turn them over to others? Are there some burdens which are non-transferable? Find out in this thought-provoking lesson. 29 min.
SLIGHTLY SOILED--GREATLY REDUCED IN PRICE Maybe you feel self-satisfied because the transgressions in your life are so much less than those of your neighbor. After all, there are small sins and large sins, right? Discover the rewards of complete obedience. 27 min.
HAPPINESS One of the most neglected lessons in the Lord’s church! Do we strive for the prize with a positive outlook or do we live in constant fear of Hell. 20 min.