Parables of Jesus

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An in-depth look at the parables, including an introduction and detailed treatment of 28 different parables of the Lord. It is hosted by Wesley Simons and includes 27 lessons.

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Parables of Jesus 9-DVD Set

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Parables of Jesus Box 1 (discs 1 & 2)
Parables of Jesus Box 2 (discs 3 & 4)
Parables of Jesus Box 3 (discs 5 & 6)
Parables of Jesus Box 4 (discs 7 & 8)
Parables of Jesus Box 5 (disc 9)
Parables of Jesus Spiral Bound Notebook
Parables of Jesus Electronic Version of Notebook Material

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Wesley Simons takes an in-depth look at the parables. It includes an introduction and a detailed treatment of 28 different parables of the Lord. Each parable is approached in a systematic way. Elements stressed include practical lessons for today as well as specific false doctrines that are refuted by the parables. A magnificent study! The notebook covers all the parables in the video lessons as well as other parables.