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In 2017, the Lord’s work here was blessed to have over 2.5 million online views, equal to over 6,500 per day. In addition, almost 170,000 DVDs, USBs, & books were sent out into the Lord’s kingdom. Over 119,000 invitation cards and posters were also sent for His church.
• The most-viewed program was Where Do We Go When We Die? - over 586,000 views.
• Brethren have reported that WVBS material has been used in studies where the Lord has added to His church over 3,700 souls upon their baptism.
• The Lord’s Online Bible School had over 7,200 new students enrolled in 2017.
• The Lord’s new Chinese Online Bible School site had over 8,000 views.
• For the Lord’s work here, we were blessed to have completed over 50 projects this year.
 This is the Lord’s work, and may He receive all the glory for it. We are also thankful to the Lord for all of His financial supporters in His work, and for His teachers who give of their time and God-given talent to do this work.
God's Plan For Saving Man
This great new evangelism DVD is an all in one resource, teaching the viewer what one needs to know about God's plan for saving man. These eight programs by Don Blackwell are (1) Faith, (2) Repentance, (3) Baptism, (4) Thief on the Cross, (5) Eight Frequently Asked Questions About Baptism, (6) What Must I do to be Saved?, (7) Staying Saved and (8) Saved Without a Doubt. Almost 4 hours of wonderful teaching material.
The Great Almost 50% Off Sale
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Overview of Acts & Luke DVD
Reg: $14.00 Sale: $8.00
Public Discussion: Water Baptism 2-DVD Set
Reg: $14.00 Sale: $8.00
Grooming Your Next Elders DVD
Reg: $12.00 Sale: $8.00
Lost: Sermons from Luke 15 2-DVD Set
Reg: $24.00 Sale: $12.00
Restoration History Tour 2-DVD Set
Reg: $24.00 Sale: $12.00
Out With Doubt 2-DVD Set
Reg: $12.00 Sale: $8.00
Apple of Thine Eye DVD
Reg: $12.00 Sale: $8.00
New For Ladies
Do you like to ask questions? Are you inquisitive? Do you enjoy learning new things about the Bible? In this DVD series, Becky Blackmon challenges all of us to seek the Lord and examine our priorities in this life. How easy it is to get distracted and forget about God!
Regular Price: $14.00
10+ DVDs: $5/each
God created out of His great love and He gave His only begotten Son out of His great love. Because He wants offspring who will return His love, He shows us how love looks. His sacrifice of love and Jesus’ sacrifice of love motivate us to return their love in a sacrificial way. Join Doritta Johnson in this uplifting study.
Regular Price: $14.00
10+ DVDs: $5/each
We all have said to ourselves, “Where has the time gone?” In this series of videos, Becky Blackmon examines the beginning of time and amazing accounts of time itself. it also looks at a Christian’s priorities in this short life of ours. Come, and let’s learn together.
Regular Price: $14.00
10+ DVDs: $5/each
$20.00 (Save $8.00 - Get Free Shipping)
Dismantling Evolution Seminar
Cosmic evolution, which typically includes the Big Bang Theory coupled with neo-Darwinian evolution is taught as “fact” by the bulk of the scientific community in classrooms around the country, even though it is riddled with rarely highlighted but devastating problems that prohibit it from being true. Join four scientists and a Hebrew scholar as they highlight fundamental flaws in cosmic evolutionary theory and build the true model of cosmic origins, which fits the evidence. Featuring:
Joe Deweese, PhD | Michael Houts, PhD | Branyon May, PhD | Jeff Miller, PhD | Justin Rogers, PhD
Where Do We Go When We Die? is WVBS' most-viewed online video. In 2017 it was viewed over 1,200 times per day. Because it has been so popular we have produced this new 4" x 6" postcard for the church to use in evangelism efforts.
Pack of 200 Postcards
$35.00 (Free Shipping)
These cards are a great way to tell others where they can view over 800 free faith-building Christian videos. Over 500,000 of these Invitation Cards have been sent out to the Lord’s church.
500 cards per box for $30.00
(Free Shipping)
This year round Bible reading plan has been enhanced with teaching videos. The daily schedule will take you through the entire Bible from cover to cover in one year. The 66 books of the Bible are divided into sections and at the beginning of each section you will watch a video overview from the Spotlight on the Word series taught by Mike Vestal. The interactive PDF includes direct links to all video content.
Bible Book of the Month
I & II Peter by Chuck Horner
DVD Set - Sale Price: $48.00
Reg. Price: $96.00
Notebook - Sale Price: $12.00
Reg. Price:  $17.00
DVD & Notebook Combo: $60.00
Bible Land Passages Volumes I & II
DVD to Include Passages 1-10
All Passages Available Streaming Online At:
What's New at the Online Chinese Bible School?
1.  Genesis course is available online and available on a set of 3 DVDs.
2.  Exodus course is available online and available on a set of 2 DVDs.
3.  “The Christian, The Sabbath & Ten Commandments” lesson is now available.
4.  “Where Do We Go When We Die?” is viewed over 600 times per day.
5.  All lessons are available in Mandarin Chinese in both Traditional and Simplified.
H.A. "Buster" Dobbs
H.A. “Buster” Dobbs passed from this life on December 13, 2017 at 91 years of age. Buster had always been a good friend to WVBS. In 1997, an interview was recorded with Buster about his life as a Gospel preacher. At that time, he also delivered one of his favorite sermons. In 1996, Buster and two other men publicly debated three Catholic priests over biblical matters. The 3-night debate, interview, and sermon are available on DVD or free to watch online at