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New DVDs: "Teach Them to Know God" & "Men's Training Course" and lots of Sales.  
Teaching Bible class is a tremendous joy, a serious responsibility, and a lot of hard work! Explore all three in this high-energy, stick-to-the-Bible workshop for Bible class teachers. April Meacham and Teah McWhorter have more than 70 years� experience teaching Bible classes to all ages. Join April and Teah as they demonstrate dozens of visual aids, teach songs, and inspire you to teach with a greater passion for God than ever before.
A great tool for every lady who teaches Bible class!
This 2-DVD set has over 5 hours of teaching material.
2-DVD set: Sale Price: $18.00 (Reg. $24.00)
Buy 10 or more copies for $12.00 each
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Men's Training Course
This series of lessons was designed and presented by Kevin Rutherford to help men be better leaders in the worship assembly. These six lessons cover principles of worship, pattern of worship, preaching in worship (part 1), preaching in worship (part 2), presiding at the Lord�s table, prayer and song leading. This is a great study for men young and old alike!

Give one to each man in your congregation! This 2-DVD set has over 3 hours of training material.

2-DVD set: Sale Price: $16.00
(Reg. Price: $24.00)
Buy 10 or more copies for $12.00 /set
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The providence of God is one of the least understood doctrines of the Bible. This course covers the entire spectrum from miraculous to non-miraculous providence. The subjects of creation and �confirming� miracles are discussed. Non-miraculous providence is discussed under three headings � preservation of creation, providence in the lives of nations and in the lives of individuals. Chuck Horner teaches this series and substantiates his findings thoroughly from the Bible. There are sixteen lessons on four DVDs for a total of eight hours in this in-depth and marvelous study.


4-DVD set: Sale Price: $36.00 each
(Reg. Price: $48.00 each)
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The Emerging Church Movement
We live in a culture defined by a failure to believe in absolutes. This has negatively affected every area of society, including religious belief. This �Post-Modern� mindset led to the birth of a denominational movement known as �The Emerging Church.� To put it simply, the Emerging Church is Post-Modernism applied to the Bible. The end result is that every man follows the dictates of his own heart and does that which is right in his own eyes. The Emerging Church movement is currently affecting churches of Christ in a significant way. Join us in this study by Kevin Rutherford as we identify some of the doctrines and dangers of this corrupt philosophy.


1 DVD: Sale Price: $10.00 each
(Reg. Price: $14.00 each)
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NEW Invitation Card
The NEW Where do we go when we die? Invitation Card is a great evangelism and edification tool. This program is one of our most popular online videos with over 400,000 views! is a dedicated website with free, 24/7 access to the four videos of the program including: �Where do we go when we die?�, �Heaven�, �Hell� and �What must I do to be saved?�. There are billions of lost souls in the world and this card is a resource that can bring many to salvation.
This year the video has been viewed over 900 times per day.
1 box: $30.00 (500 cards)
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Invitation Card Rack
Invitation Card Rack
Now available with your card orders is this convenient, clear plastic, 4-slot card holder. Each slot holds approximately 35 cards. This rack provides an attractive way to display the Invitation Cards at your church or business.
1 Rack: $9.00 each
2 Racks: $7.00 each
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In this basic overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament by Mike Vestal, you�ll hear the awesome and wonderful character of God as you become more familiar with each of its 66 books. And you�ll appreciate even more that the Word of God is about salvation through Jesus to the glory of the Father.
 These products are AUDIO ONLY and are meant to be used in your car or downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices.
20+ hours of studies, 39 lessons, 30 min. ea.
12+ hours of Bonus Sermons by Mike Vestal
Sale Price: $16.00
(Regular Price: $24.00)
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Over 20 hours of Bible studies,
39 lessons, 30 minutes each
Sale Price: $8.00
(Regular Price: $14.00)
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5-Book Novel Set
Great Summer Reading!
Sale Price: $34.95/set
Regular Price: $61.90/set
These stories have all received excellent reviews on Amazon.
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Evangelism Technologies Series
Evangelism Technology Series
Evangelism Technologies is a group of three individual courses designed to focus on complementary methods on how Christians can use technology to reach the lost with the message of the Gospel. These courses are taught by Michael Hite, a former graphic designer and marketing communications professional, who now teaches full-time at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver.
Permission Evangelism
Building More Effective Church Websites
Creating Effective Presentations
5-DVDs: Sale Price: $50.00 per set
(Regular Price: $60.00 per set)
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No One Left Behind
In the recent past there have been books and movies describing those left behind at Christ�s return. Our host, Don Blackwell, will examine what the Bible teaches regarding premillenialism. This 70-minute DVD includes two lessons.
1 DVD: Sale Price: $6.00
(Regular Price: $12.00)
Volume Price (20+ DVDs): Reg. $2.00 each
(While Supplies Last)
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Titus 3-DVD set & Notebook
Bible Book of the Month:
This is an in-depth verse by verse study of Titus. This course is hosted by Charlie DiPalma and includes 9 lessons.
3-DVD Set & Notebook
Sale Price: $23.00
Regular Price: $43.25 
3-DVD set (9 lessons)
Sale Price: $18.00

Regular DVD Price: $36.00 

Notebook: Sale Price: $5.00
Regular Price: $7.25

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