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Transformed: A Spiritual Journey is a true story of the adventures that transformed a young man’s life forever.
What does it mean to be searching for truth? Find out as you go on an exciting, personal journey with Lance Mosher. Transformed tells one man’s true spiritual journey, as he encounters the various moments of life that made him question everything he had been taught; the very essence of who he thought he was. His experiences will resonate with anyone who is looking for meaning in a world of chaos.
• This book is a great way to form a Bible study relationship with anyone.
• This 238-page, paperback book entertains, encourages and evangelizes.
• Transformed makes a great gift for family, friends and co-workers.
• It can be displayed in church foyers and waiting rooms of all kinds.
• This book can be a teaching tool for classrooms and any type of reader.
• This story has received over 30 five-star ratings online.
Single Copy Sale Price: $7.95 
Regular Price: $12.00

20-Book Volume Case: $3.75 each
($75.00 total) Fed-Ex Shipping

40-Book Volume Case: $3.40 each
($136.00 total) Fed-Ex Shipping 
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Can a Christian lose their eternal salvation if they choose to depart from the living God? Can a Christian fall from grace? What causes one to fall from grace? How do we know if we have fallen from grace? On May 26-27, 2017, Michael Brawner, a Missionary Baptist preacher, met for a public discussion of the eternal security of the believer (“once saved always saved”) with B. J. Clarke, a member of the church of Christ. Michael Brawner affirmed “the scriptures teach that those who have been born again cannot so far depart from the will of God as to be finally lost in Hell.” B. J. Clarke affirmed “the scriptures teach that one saved by the blood of Christ can thereafter fall from grace by departing from the living God, and thus be lost eternally.”
1 DVD (4 hours): Sale Price: $9.00
Regular Price: $14.00
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The new WVBS Photo Library website ( is now open for the Church’s use. This new and exciting project has been made for and on behalf of the Lord’s Church. Over 500 photos are currently available. Lord willing this new website will be filled with many more images in the future. These photos are excellent in PowerPoint presentations for sermons and Bible classes, in bulletins, in tracts, and in teaching articles. The platform used is the SmugMug photo service, and as such there is a minimal per photo charge to cover the transaction and service fees.
Bible Land Passages
Makes a great gift for friends and family!
The Bible story and its message of salvation are connected to a real place and a real time in history. Its reliability and credibility are therefore dependent upon evidence that corroborates its claims. The Bible Land Passages project is dedicated to showcasing those historical facts through powerful video segments that teach faith lessons from the Bible lands.
5 Lessons on 1 DVD (110 min.)
Single Album: $14.00 each
2-3 DVDs: $10.00 each
4+ DVDs: $8.00 each

10 DVDs: $30.00
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Gospel Sermons by Neal Pollard
Inspiring and motivating sermons. Includes 24 sermons such as: Straightening Out Our Problems, In His Shelter And Shadow, God Built A House For The Homeless, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross, Catching Trespassers, Can’t We Understand The Bible Alike, and Let Us Make God In Our Image. Each Sermon is approximately 25 minutes in length on 6 DVDs.
6 DVD set: Sale Price: $36.00
Regular Price: 72.00
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Bound: A Faith-Based Movie
An Excellent Summer Movie for the Whole Family
A moving story from loss and despair to help and hope. Cheri Harper is a young woman whose life has been tormented with struggle and bad choices. With her heart wounded by grief, unlikely friends come to the rescue, and with their help Cheri finds hope and learns the truth that will forever change her life. (English and Spanish subtitles)
1 DVD: Sale Price: $8.00
Regular Price: $12.00
2 DVDs: Sale Price: $14.00
Regular Price: $24.00
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Pleasing God in Worship
Even as American civilization has been undergoing massive alterations in its commitment to traditional American values and its Christian underpinnings, so churches of Christ have been experiencing sweeping change, especially in church worship. Indeed, Christendom as a whole has imbibed the basic doctrines of the Christian religion. To make religion more palatable to an entertainment-oriented culture, many churches have implemented "contemporary" worship ("inner-tainment"). In this seminar Dave Miller, Ph.D., explains the issues and applies biblical principles to arrive at solutions.
1 DVD (6 lessons): Sale Price: $9.00
Regular Price: $13.00 
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Killing of Jesus & Story of Moses MP3s
Killing of Jesus &
Story of Moses MP3s
These two amazing stories by Glenn Colley make a great way to pass your time when driving in the car or at home. They are available to download online or on MP3 disks.
(Each MP3 is 1.5 hours long)
Sale for Both: $10.00
Regular Price: $8.00 each 
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Free Bible Teaching Material
For You And Your Church
The WVBS Online Video website is like having a free source of over 700 DVD tracts. You could give out one DVD OR you could give someone the whole 700+ tracts at once. All you have to do is give them the website address: “VIDEO.WVBS.ORG. You can show others these videos by sharing them on social media, blogs, and websites or by giving out Invitation Cards. In total our online videos are viewed over 5,000 times per day. Help your friends and neighbors learn God’s will for them.
With the Online Video Invitation Card you can inform almost everyone you come into contact with about these great teaching videos. Hand out, mail out and set out this card to invite people to view over 700 faith-building programs.
 1 Box (500 cards): $30.00
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Bible Books of the Month on DVD ​
Daniel & Philemon by Chuck Horner
(28 lessons on 7 DVDs)
Both DVD Sets: Sale Price: $44.00
Regular Price: $84.00

Both Notebooks: Sale Price: $13.00
Regular Price: $18.75

Sale Price: Both DVD and Notebook Sets: $57.00  
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