MP3 Set Killing of Jesus and Story of Moses

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Get The Story of Moses and Killing of Jesus in a special set of two MP3 discs

by Glenn Colley

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A Great Way to Pass Your Time with Audio Books!


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If you have an MP3 player in your car, home stereo (many DVD players will play MP3 format discs), in your computer or if you have an "IPod" type player then you would be able to take advantage of this great material.

Killing of Jesus

Audio track copied from DVDs.

The greatest story every told that changed the world and our eternal destiny forever. This story of life, love, compassion and sacrifice but also of evil, betrayal and treachery is told by Glenn Colley in a story-telling format.

Part 1: The Story Begins
--The raising of Lazarus to Jesus' death on the cross. (55 min)

Part 2: The Rest of the Story
--The resurrection of Jesus to His ascension. (27 min)

The Story of Moses

Audio track copied from DVDs.

God prepared a great, powerful and epic leader to save His people. The Story of Moses tells the account and progression of Moses' life, a man to whom God spoke "face to face, as a man speaks to his friend" (Ex.33:11). Glenn Colley effectively weaves the events of Moses' life: from the providential care as a young baby, through the dramatic Egyptian exodus, to Moses' mountain-top death at the edge of the Promised Land. After watching these three segments, you will come away with a deep appreciation of God's relationship with His faithful people.

Part 1: Moses the Prince -- (30 min)

Part 2: Moses the Shepherd -- (30 min)

Part 3: Moses the Law Giver-- (30 min)




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