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Instructor: Warren Wilcox

Lessons: 59 video lessons

This is an in-depth study of the inspiration, canonization, transmission and translation of the biblical text. Inspiration is the process by which the Holy Spirit, without destroying their individual styles, caused men to write “God-breathed” words. Canonization describes how the Bible received its acceptance. Transmission is the process by which the biblical manuscripts have been copied and recopied through the ages, and deals with the history of the text from the autographs to the present Hebrew and Greek testaments. Translation is the process of rendering a piece of literature from one language into another.

Though technical in nature this is also a marvelous faith building course. The evidence presented in the course is overwhelming that we today do have an accurately preserved text of both the Old and New Testaments and that both are exactly what they claim to be – written by the hand of God.

The inspiration of the Bible is a crucial plank in the study of apologetics and the information in this series will give students a solid foundation upon which to build and from which to teach others why we can know the Bible is God’s word.