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These MP3 CDs covers all of the books in the New Testament in an in-depth verse by verse study. Audio track copied from DVDs.

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If you have an MP3 player in your car, home stereo (many DVD players will play MP3 formatted discs), in your computer or if you have an "iPod" type player then you would be able to take advantage of this great material.

 MP3 CD New Testament 1 covers:
1. Matthew by Denny Petrillo
2. Mark by Chuck Horner
3. Luke by Steve Lloyd
4. John by Denny Petrillo

MP3 CD New Testament 2 covers:
1. Acts by Charlie DiPalma
2. Romans by Wesley Simons
3. 1 Corinthians by Chuck Horner
4. 2 Corinthians by Chuck Horner

MP3 CD New Testament 3 covers:
1. Galatians by Chuck Horner
2. Ephesians by Don Walker
3. Philippians by Jim Dearman
4. Colossians by Don Walker
5. 1 Thessalonians by Don Walker
6. 2 Thessalonians by Don Walker

MP3 CD New Testament 4 covers:
1. 1 Timothy by Charlie DiPalma
2. 2 Timothy by Charlie DiPalma
3. Titus by Charlie DiPalma
4. Philemon by Roy Deaver
5. Hebrews by Warren Wilcox

MP3 CD New Testament 5 covers:
1. James by Chuck Horner
2. 1 & 2 Peter by Chuck Horner
3. 1, 2, 3 John & Jude by Chuck Horner
4. Revelation by Dave Chamberlain

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