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This is an in-depth verse by verse study of Ezekiel. This course is hosted by Denny Petrillo and includes 18 lessons on 6 DVDs.


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Ezekiel 6-DVD Set
Ezekiel Box 1 (discs 1 & 2)
Ezekiel Box 2 (discs 3 & 4)
Ezekiel Box 3 (discs 5 & 6)
Ezekiel Spiral Bound Notebook
Ezekiel Electronic Version of Notebook Material

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Instructor: Dr. Denny Petrillo

Lessons: 18 video lessons (approximately 38 minutes in length)

Description and Purpose: This is a detailed study of the text of Ezekiel and its historical setting with special consideration given to Bible prophecy and its interpretation. Students will learn how God worked with His people during the exile, and will learn how God feels toward His people and see the consequences of disobedience as well as the rewards of obedience.