Hardback or Paperback Books

WVBS carries numerous hardback and paperback books that are used as resources in our DVD courses. The books can be purchased separate from the DVD courses, but are most useful when studied with our lessons. They include a wide variety of topics, including overviews of the books of the Bible, Christian evidences, and learning Greek or Hebrew.

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Study notes are available for many of our DVD courses. These notebooks, which are printed at WVBS and bound with plastic comb bindings, are based on the teacher's notes that were used during the lessons.

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Electronic Version of Notebooks

Electronic Version of Notebooks

For most of our printed notebooks, we also offer the option to purchase electronic versions. These "Electronic Versions" saved as PDF files are exactly the same material found in the printed notebooks. Since we do not have to pay printing and shipping charges, the electronic versions are offered at a reduced rate compared to the printed notebooks.

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CD-Rom Course Notes

Course Notes

This compilation includes all of our course notebooks, plus many additional resources have been added, including the full text of the Searching for Truth study guides in English and Spanish, full text of over 10 other books, full-color teaching charts, 200 sermon outlines. The material is equivalent to approximately 18,000 pages of printed material.

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