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This MP3 CD includes 42 sermons from Neal Pollard's DVDs Vol. 1 & 2. Audio track copied from DVDs. Approximately 21 hours of encouraging lessons.


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If you have an MP3 player in your car, home stereo (many DVD players will play MP3 format discs), in your computer or if you have an "IPod" type player then you would be able to take advantage of this great material.

 Volume 1 Sermons Include:    
1.   Asa
2.   Can He Not Even Save Himself?
3.   What Must I Do To Be Saved?
4.   Our God Is A Consuming Fire
5.   The Love of God
6.   Undenominational Christianity
7.   The God of All Comfort
8.   Some Things That Will Not Be At Judgment
9.   Living in View of the End
10. Which Mold?
11. To The Praise of His Glory
12. Restoring The New Testament Church
13. Good Deeds
14. Come to The Mountain to Be Fed
15. Come to The Mountain to Be Healed
16. Come to The Mountain to Learn God's Will for Your Life
17. The One Message of The Bible
18. Renew Covenant Signs: Circumcision and Passover
19. Biblical Study of Hell
20. Biblical Study of Heaven
21. Psalm 22
22. Walking With God Through the Mountains and Valleys
23. Is Your Tongue Pierced?
24. Becoming More Like Jesus in Purity
25. Psalm 126 When the Captives Return
26. What a Wonderful World
27. You Shall Not Take The Name of The Lord in Vain
28. God: The Almighty Audience
29. Culture Versus Commandment
30. The Blessing of Righteous Living
31. Baptism and Unity
32. Three Types of Faith


 Volume 2 Sermons Include:  

Each lesson approximately 25 minutes each

1. I Struggle with Trouble
2. I Sruggle with Stress
3. I Struggle with Guilt
4. I Struggle with Forgiving


"Keeping the Church from the Wilderness"

  5. Understanding Who We Are
  6. Building Quality Leadership
  7. Focus on the Next Generation
  8. Beware of Wilderness Thinking
  9. Remember Whose Plan We're Following
10. Stomp the Grasshopper Complex