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This MP3 CD includes 24 sermons from Mike Vestal's DVDs, Great Bible Themes, Christianity 101 and Lost.  Audio track copied from DVDs. Approximately 12 hours of Bible teaching material.


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If you have an MP3 player in your car, home stereo (many DVD players will play MP3 formatted discs), in your computer or if you have an "iPod" type player then you would be able to take advantage of this great material.

MP3 Mike Vestal (approx. 12 hours of Bible teaching material.)

Christianity 101
1. Knowing Jesus
2. Knowing about the Cross
3. Knowing about Worship
4. Knowing about Spirituality
5. Knowing about the Church
6. Knowing about Undenominational Christianity
7. Knowing about Bible Study - Part 1
8. Knowing about Bible Study - Part 2

Great Bible Themes
1. Glorying in the Cross (1) --How the Glory and Character of God Is Clearly
       Seen in the Cross (His Love, Mercy, Holiness, Sovereignty, etc.) 
2. Glorying in the Cross (2)
3. Embracing Grace--A Biblical Overview of God’s Grace
4. Embracing Grace (2)
5. Following Christ Closely--A Study of Discipleship
6. Adding What Really Counts--A Study of the Christian Graces
7. Leaving a Legacy--A Study of the Family from Ephesians 5 and 6
8. Finishing Strong--A Study of Faithful Endurance from 2 Timothy 4

1. Who Cares? (Luke 15:1-2)
2. Happy Days (Luke 15:3-10)
3. Rebels Without A Cause (Luke 15:11-32)
4. Prone To Wander (Luke 15:11-16)
5. The Turning Point (Luke 15:17-19)
6. A Father’s Heart (Luke 15:20-24)
7. A Glimpse Of God (Luke 15:25-32)
8. Staying Home