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In remembrance of all the Bible class materials that Johnny has done for WVBS we are making the audio available on one MP3 CD. A great collector's item and a way to enjoy Johnny's fine preaching for many years to come. Audio track copied from DVDs. More than 24 hours of great teaching.


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If you have an MP3 player in your car, home stereo (many DVD players will play MP3 formatted discs), in your computer or if you have an "iPod" type player then you would be able to take advantage of this great material.

Courses Include:

1. 1998 Interview & Sermon: "The Joy of Christianity

2. Journey Through the Old Testament (4 lessons)
     Lesson 1. Pentateuch
     Lesson 2. History
     Lesson 3. Poetry
     Lesson 4. The Prophets

3. Prophets Overview (6 lessons)
     Lesson 1. Message, Prophets - Isaiah
     Lesson 2. Isaiah 53 - Jeremiah 23
     Lesson 3. Jeremiah 24 - Lamentations
     Lesson 4. Ezekiel & Daniel
     Lesson 5. Hosea - Obadiah
     Lesson 6. Jonah - Micah  (Message of the Prophets)

4. Jeremiah & Lamentation Overview (3 lessons)
     An enriching glance at two great Old Testament books stressing
     timeless principles that still applies to us today.

5. Journey Through the New Testament (9 lessons)
     Lesson 1. Survey of the New Testament
     Lesson 2. The Life of Christ
     Lesson 3. The Book of Acts
     Lesson 4. The Book of Romans
     Lesson 5. The Book of Hebrews
     Lesson 6. The Book of Revelation
     Lesson 7. The Book of James
     Lesson 8. The Books of 1 & 2 Peter
     Lesson 9. The Book of 1 John

6. The Fullness of Time: Overview of Acts & Luke (3 lessons)
     Lesson 1. In the Fullness of Time (The 400 Silent Years)
     Lesson 2. Another Look at the Book of Acts
     Lesson 3. Luke Overview

7. Summary of Galatians
     Lesson 1. Context & Pretext
     Lesson 2. Summary Study of Galatians

8. Revelation Overview (6 lessons)
     Included is an introduction to the book of Revelation and a review of the major
     points of each chapter. These lessons show how this book is in harmony with
     the rest of the Bible, as well as detailing Revelation's usefulness to Christians
     jn the first century and Christians today.

9. The Power & Privilege of Preaching (3 lessons)
     Three great lessons on preaching, the means by which God chose to get His
     plan to men, taught in the unique style of brother Johnny Ramsey who spent
     decades preaching throughout the country.